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, by contrast, says the a.p. didn't bother checking either one of barack obama's books. what is behind this double standard? my next guest is somebody who knows a great deal about the media and has even spent time with governor sarah palin on the campaign trail. let's take a look. >> when i was asked to come out here to all of you and introduce the governor today, i was, of course, incredibly honored. but let's be honest. i was really excited just to be able to talk for five minutes without getting interrupted. and let me tell you this -- when it gets hot in the kitchen, the governor may be from alaska, but she can take the heat. sean: we're now happy to be joined by the author of "the g free diet, a gluten free survival guide." she is the emmy award-winning host of abc's "the view," the one and only lids bet hasselbeck. i love the show. i watch it all the time. >> not everybody does. sean: at least it's a rosie-free zone. >> sean, you're bad, but indeed, it is. sean: you said you watched the interview last night with sarah palin. >> i did. sean: i was with you when you gave
looks like obama, sam complexion, same attitude. it was fun. -- same complexion, same attitude. it was fun. i am sorry that richard and not live long enough to see this. we knew it would happen. tavis: first question, that sketch was part of a show on nbc that richard on a state with four episodes. after the fourth episode, he walked. >> we had a special for five. tavis: why was he not happy about that? >> it was a lot of pssure on and he was like him then, cornered. the creativity part of it was fun, but the pressure of being funny and being brilliant, that is a lot of pressure. tavis: he felt trapped? >> i am glad that you know, it was richard, it was not nbc. the suits, they love this. they are like vampires before richard came around. now they could get up and suck the blood. they made all the decisions, you can say this and that. they had a life. they could reap their power. there were loving every bit of it. if it was up to the executive producers and the people of nbc, richard wod be on the air right now. tavis: how first. it was richard being told how to channel his cre
-life democrats to sign on but president obama told major garrett that language doesn't strike the proper balance between a woman's right to choose and the federal funding fire wall. >> not yet. >> still, abortion is just one of the senate bill's many targets. union workers who traded pay raises for generous healthcare benefits for themselves and families could face a tax on the portion of family plans that exceed $23,000 in val iewvment the senate bill includes a tax on elective surgery, the so-called botox tax, the target of doctors who make that their specialty. medicare tax would rise for people making more than $250,000 a year from one and a half to 2% in the senate bill. the group americans for tax reform complains the bill uses the word tax 183 times. that's not surprising. the bill is more than 2,000 pages long and already being used as a prop by critics just as the house bill was. long, some democrats say, doesn't necessarily mean lousy. >> when it comes to the size of legislation, it was the bank bailout bill that the last president proposed. it was only three pages long. there is a wor
. >> are we beginning to see the outlines though of an obama strategy? >> we are and trying to piece it together it's hard to come up with sort of specific numbers, but what we are seeing is that this is more likely to be a process, wolf, than the president coming out and saying we're going to do "x" number of troops, but what he's going to do is set benchmarks or targets for afghanistan and pakistan to meet. in other words, in afghanistan, you've got to -- you've got to be more independent, set up your troops, get rid of corruption. pakistan, start targeting al qaeda, start targeting militants. the big question, wolf, we don't know if they don't meet those benchmarks what do we do then? what's our stick, you know, because we're there for us, we're not there for them. >> it also looks like the administration is beginning to rethink the entire strategy in dealing with the recently re-elected hamid karzai? >> yeah. i spoke with one administration source who said to me let's just call it a recalibration because obviously this is an administration that's been very disappointed in karzai,
viewers, have enriched my life beyond all measure. >> wow. she helps get barack obama into the white house. now oprah winfrey is getting out of the broadcast television. we'll get the latest reaction to the big's announcement to the queen that is on tv. >>> good day, everybody. i'm john harwood of cnbc and "the new york times." >> i'm norah o'donnell and this is the new york times special edition. >>> welcome back. this is sarah palin. a lot of news was made on that front. we'll get to the news during this show. >> on the front page this hour, president obama back home with a full agenda. >> that's right. you know, on nearly every front he has the sprint to the thanksgiving deadline. everybody that was on the trip, i mean, it was an eight-day trip to asia. the afghanistan troop strategy still hangs in the balance with the president promising a final decision in the coming weeks. >>> on capitol hill, it is do or die for the health care bill with some fears of a filibuster by republicans. a procedural vote is set for tomorrow night. nbc news kelly o'connell is on capitol
on this, and this is the political opening and this is where obama is so good, where he can get out and explain what the playing field is all about. but down the stretch here, do you think there is any way when we get into conference committee, like tom harkin is going to be able to strengthen the public option? nancy pelosi is going to be in there. staunch supporters in this? it might turn out to be a heck of a lot better. if i'm a republican, i'm nervous about this thing. what do you think? >> i think you're right. i think harkin and our friends there, sherod brown. harry reid deserves a medal of honor for fighting for americans right now and we've got momentum and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. people don't want their premiums raised, their homes foreclosed, credit card rates going up. people are on the side of jimmy city article and george bailey. we're right about the morality. democrats are in a fighting mood in any day since the george bush administration. the people are with us. >> one thing perfectly clear tonight. i have been tough on geithner and we'll talk more ab
of the show tonight. >>> plus president obama has his chin out on just about every hot issue out. there health care, terror trials, job losses, even the breast cancer report. he is exposed and vulnerable. his poll number are dropping. is he just too darned intellectual? too much the egg head? why did he bow to that japanese emperor? why did he pick tim geithner to be his economic front man? why thought dithering over afghanistan and who thought it was a wonderful idea to write the killers of 9/11 to new york city? the media capital of the world so they could tell their story? is obama channeling adlai stevenson? >>> and sunday is the anniversary of the jfk. what really happened in the frantic hours after the shooting. especially about lbj. the author of a new book on the kennedy assassination joins us tonight. don't miss it. also for someone who claims she is for saken vengeance, sarah palin was pretty vengeful in an interview with the christian network. is she irish? is she qualified to be president? i posed it to healy barbour last night. why didn't he just say yes? we start with a big up or
obama beyond "we lead upt someh. >> well, he is really careful with his language. he really, as a lawyer, but said it in a very lawyerly way, and he tends to be choosing very precise words. >> i am not necessarily saying that -- both obama and bush had very good speech writers. i have watched bush just stumbling around before he got to the speech. i once was in germany and he was not doing well. when he got the speech, it was very good because he read it well and he was comfortable. when he had that teleprompter, he had a degree of comfort that he would not have had otherwise. and obama does both. he always has a teleprompter, and he seems quite comfortable without it. at the press conferences there is a big teleprompter that is close to a shield. he reads the first few remarks even as they sound quite informal of that, but then he is into questions and he is on his own and he does just as well. >> right. >> so he is naturally articulate. i wonder, though, whether he will leave us with any great phrases that will go down in history. i do not think he has yet. >> right, and you do not rea
, he said he didn't know obama was in the state when e-mailed show he did and now his fund raiser is under investigation for stealing up to a billion dollars in a ponzi scheme, putting crist further on the defensive. >> i think he has a serious credibility crisis that he is trying to address. he is a desperate candidate. desperate people do desperate things. for us, it's not a problem. >> the governor is endorsed by the national republican senatorial committee but because of rubio's recent momentum, crist added a new campaign manager and communications director and is finally counterattacking, targeting rubio's record as house speaker, charging he is not the conservative purist he proclaims to be. the bigger war chest belongs to the governor with $6 million, so far, rubio has raised $1 million. rube yo has made the cover of the national review just when the endorsement for the conservative club for growth and also has the support of the tea party movement. for months, the crist campaign avoided talking about rubio in the primary, employing the strategy that if it didn't address th
his work of art. it turns out this masterpiece bears an uncanny resemblance to barack obama. instead of throwing away customers' hair after a cut he sculpted it into a likeness of our 44th president. you may remember his first work tiananmen hair discovered on this show. the obama sculpture went prematurely gray. >>> in france where the new edict is when the metaphor call hampster wheel of life isn't enough for you, you can stay in a bed of hay and an exercise wheel. you may have seen this video all over your local news but i don't know if anybody let you in on the inside joke. this is being portrayed as some sort of silly french gag or novelty hotel. uh-uh. there are adults who like to dress up in animal suits and then go to hotels with other adults dressed up in animal suits. i'm sorry, it's true. i know monty python did a sketch about this in 1969 about men dressed up as mice. doesn't make it less true. continental hamster breakfast included. >>> the fearmonger in chief. wow, i never even called lonesome roads beck that. why is rupert murdoch denying what he said on tape about his
and, instead, trying to help her friend barack obama. anyway, when sarah palin was on the oprah show, her ratings were up 36%. but then the day after she appeared on oprah, ratings were down 32%. went up for the governor back down. gretchen: interesting thing is whether or not the palin camp and advisors would have allowed her to go on oprah because they did not allow her to go on bill o'reilly's show when she was campaigning that was revealed last night when she actually called bill o'reilly at home and said she really did want to come on his show but the advisors said she should not go on his show for some unknown reason. last night she did make an appearance in the no spin zone. bill really focused last night on the attacks that she had taken from the katie couric interview and whether or not john mccain had scolded her for the way she did that interview. take a look. bill: clearly in your book you feel that katie couric was out to get you. >> i let the transcripts speak for itself and readers will decide for themselves if she had any kind of bias or nonobjective. bill: you think
when he heard obama speak, i thought that was the dumbest thing i had ever heard on television. then he said if you don't cry when you hear barack obama speak you are not an american. i said no, that's dumber. then when he said a few days ago is it a crime to call al qaeda? well, if you are a major in the united states army it might be. bill: might be. >> but now he is enthralled with race. and i'm thinking this is a conservative woman from alaska. this isn't little kim or al sharpton. why would it surprise you that her followers are white? and while we're on the subject, chris, while we're on the subject, how many black people do you think are watching your show? for that matter, how many people do you think are watching your show? bill: all right. now, jon stewart takes a shot at you. you were on the factor, you know, a few days ago and you said that down syndrome babies wouldn't really be welcomed in many liberal pre60's -- precincts. >> when she was put on the ticket a disease broke out in. palin derangement syndrome. she has five kids. liberals don't have five kids. one of them has
out for a while and here it is. this is it! barack obama has told us he is a believer in the concept of the redistribution of wealth during the campaign, but nobody listened. >> it's not that i want to punish you but i want everyone that is behind you has the chance for success. when you spread the wealth around, it's good for us. glenn: show me where that is good because it has never worked anywhere in the world. he says they're not marxist, but they are looking for something bigger. bigger than this? according to the c.b.o. director, douglas elm dove, "i concluded that the fiscal policy is on an unsustainable path that cannot be solved by minor tinkering." i'm going to blow your mind by the end of the hour. it cannot be solved. it is unsustainable. this is going to make things much, much worse. well, he just said it couldn't be solved by minor tinkering. well, it is not minor tinkering coming your way. this is a massive change. remember, none of the people that are advising the president or helping write these bills -- i can't think of anybody that might be helping writing this bil
? >> you know what, he hasn't failed since barack obama came into office. he was part of the team that failed over the past decade. i mean, god, you've got larry summers, who in '99 pushed legislation that led to where we are today, and geithner was there. for some reason, the one guy who's an outsider that could actually -- is outside the club, volcker, they don't talk to him. and i asked yesterday, i asked our little 17-year-old friend at "the new york times," andrew ross sorkin, who's written the best book on this. i said, why don't the obama people let volcker in the room because he could clean it up? you know what he said, he's not in the club. it's a small club, mike barnicle. it's a club that allows huge errors by these bankers and then give huge bonuses. people are angry. >> people are angry. the aig bonuses, goldman sachs bonuses, people are sick of it. i had an idea in new orleans yesterday walking around that they ought to take the government of the united states, including the secretary of the treasury, president of the united states, speaker of the house, the senate p
for roland burris. you know he succeeded barack obama for the illinois seat. he was appointed by then governor rod blagojevich who has been indicted. and what we know now is that roland burris is commenting on what is considered a public letter of qualified admonition. that means the senate ethics committee has reviewed all of his conduct and they are giving him a reprimand. this is one of the milder forms of reprimand. this is not the type that would rise to the level of being expelled from the senate but this is significant. burris says this. i am pleased that the numerous investigations this matter has finally come to a close. i thank the members of the senate ethics committee for their fair and thorough review of this matter and i look forward to continuing the important work ahead on behalf of the people of illinois. now, part of what happens here is that this goes back to when he gave testimony before the illinois state senate. now, you remember there were a lot of questions about how about roland burris get the appointment by the governor who was clouded then. now, reme
-- despite that, barack obamasays they will me the youç a stronger partner for the u.s. >> coming into the summit, it did not look good. all the signsç were the tough talks late ahead. çbut then there was a deal on e lisbon treaty. herman van rompuy was confirmed as the first president of the european council. çbeing prime minister for less than one ye in belgium, he has a record of being a consensus builder. more surprising was the appointment of baroness catherineç ashton toç the eu foreign minister chief. perhaps it is a spy -- slight surpriseç that i cannot have ay 3pçwritten speech for you. but i have never been short of words, and tonight is no >> every country has his own çhistory, at its own way of dog 3pçthings. our journey maybe toward a common destination, but we will all bring different luggage. >> that statd]ent meant to reassure that the creation of theseç jobs is a step toward te european superstate. >> with low international profile,ç it is different fvs @ what now lisbon treaty drew up. however, many believe they can give europe a stronger voic
surrounding the senator who filled barack obama's seat. >>> we have never seen owe behave this way before. have you ever felt this way before? >> and tom cruise will have to find another couch to jump on. the queen of talk says after 25 years she is ending her talk show. but is it really good-bye? >>> plus, a teenager says he would rather be punished than stay with his dad. but did a judge go too far? it's today's crossing the line as the big picture starts right now. >>> good afternoon, everybody. good afternoon, tamron. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> hey, david. i'm tamron hall live in new york. we begin with big breaking news. south carolina lawmakers will formally now consider impeaching governor mark sanford for the first time next week. a panel of lawmakers will begin meetings tuesday. the state's house judiciary committee could hold an initial vote by christmas. sanford is accused of direlection of duty. many speculated mark sanford would be able to survive and ride out his term, but it appears many in south carolina want some type of action and this has been a call, not
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obama will be keeping a close eye on tomorrow's vote. today, he was in daddy mode. the president and the first lady visited bethesda. the white house says the obama's were going to is collectively. they have no other events planned for today. he just returned from a eight- day trip in asia. >> the first court hearing is scheduled for tomorrow for the suspect in the shootings at fort hood. it will be in a hospital room in san antonio, texas. he is accused of killing 13 people and wounding 30 others. the hearing is to determine his pre-trial confinement. his attorney would argue that he should remain in the hospital because he is paralyzed and needs constant medical care. >> sarah palin has added a stop to her book tour. she will visit fort hood, texas. she will visit the site of the mass shooting on december 4. she plans to prepardonate her ps from the sale at fort hood to the families of the victims. >> we spoke with stan today. >> toward the end of her show today, 0 burqa chose the moment to tell her fans that the end is coming -- oprah and chose the moment to tell her fans the
. yesterday, preside obama issued this warning-- >> we have begun discussions with our intertional paners out the importance of having conseqnce consequences that the dual track proach requires iran to get a clea message, that when it fails to take advantage ofhese oprtunities, that in fact, it is not making itself more secu, it's makgtself less secu. >> unsaid wa the threatf sanctions. a step that ma believe would be ineffective witht the support of russia andchina. william dowell gofrthe nuclear talkfor glal post om geneva switzerlan >> it is really brinksmanship. the sanctions,fter you use that, what do you do aterwards? e sanctionsctually may pl intohe has of the haliners in iran. >> speaking inerlin today the head of the international atomic energy agency idicated that an agreement could ill be ached. >> i would hope definite that we will get angreement before e end of the year. wh i think a number of partners ve indicated, that, yoknow, th would like to give iran an opportunityo -- you know, to engage until the enof the year. i wouldhate to s that we are moving back to sanctions. >>> fo
rating for obama at 49%, the third poll this week putting him below 50%. social democrats stop rushing health care and start rushing jobs? let's ask mike huckabee. he has a brand new book, called "a simple christmas." welcome. there seems to me this thing going on in washington where we are moving towards health care while unemployment data gets worse and worse and worse, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. >> it is as though the house is on fire, and we're worried about how about the music is in the family room. this is insane. there are more out of work and that there have been -- than there have been in a generation. the number is probably 17% if you take into consideration the people who stop applying for jobs because there are not any. this is a huge issue, where one in five americans could be of work right now. let's do something that will cost even more jobs. if you pass this health care bill, you will do things against business and jobs. you have to raise taxes to pay for it, no matter what they tell you, and small business operators will start running people off, b
in africa, raising money to fight diseases, and getting emotional in grant park after barack obama was elected. >> sheet is a brand, a destination. >> what she has hinted she will not stay the queen forever, she was equally coy with leon harris. >> any chances you are going to have a dc-based show this year? >> any chance at all? i say there is always a chance for anything. >> what is in store when the show comes to an end? there's always a chance for anything. she is widely expected to start up a new talk show of her own on the oprah winfrey network. it is expected to debut in 2011. we shall see. here is some more details on her television career. she got her start as a television ns anchor in nashville, tennessee. she ended up hosting a program until 1983, which is when she moved to chicago. the rest is history. >>> poli confirmed they have made an arrest in the robbery and murder of a d.c. the curse store owner. rufina hernandez was shot and killed earlier this month despite cooperating with thieves. >> this is the sixth arrest involving a d.c. homicide in one week. police belie
-october. and robert gates is saying a surge could happen quickly, and this suggests barack obama will approve sending more troops to the country. an official announcement is expected in the next weeks. gates admitted that getting the additional troops to afghanistan would be a bigger logistical challenge than the iraq surge. >>> and then hillary clinton is in afghanistan meeting with karzai and the troops. she is also gaining attention for something else. clinton has been getting many reviews for certain coats she has been wearing. the coats are saying it's of the hippie fashion, and one blogger praised her from moving away from the pants suits and moving towards something new. >>> 210 elephants and 190 tigers remain in indonesia. and in 20 years the arrange tangs could be exstink. good morning, jeff, and thank you for joining us. >> how are you? >> thank you for joining us. you travelled to seven countries on our different continents. why is a race needed to save these animals? >> well, joe, we just completed this incredible journey, an odyssey that took us around the world, for a project called "10
care, president obama's overseas tour and sarah palin's new book. >>> there was encouraging news today on the spread of the h1n1 swine through. the cdc said the number of cases seems to be easing, with only two states, hawaii and maine reporting an increase in the last week. that matches what our medical unit is hearing from around the country, and david muir is here with more tonight. david? >> reporter: good evening, george. the cdc confirmed what we've been told by health departments across this country, that the number of h1n1 cases is on the decline. the question now, has this strain of the flu peaked? while the cdc wouldn't go that far, several flu experts we talked to today said they are confident we have turned the corner. for three weeks in a row now, the cdc has seen the number of h1n1 cases go down. >> all ten regions of the u.s. are seeing a decrease. >> reporter: this was austin, texas, just two months ago. tents lined up outside as hundreds were coming down with the h1n1 flu. today, those tents are down >> we were seeing about 280 patients or more a day with flu. and that
of the aisle that last year, voters overwhelmingly voted for barack obama. to lead changes, to make changes. one of the changes he campaigned so hard on was changes in the health care system. and just as surely, voters elected democrats to majorities, big majorities in the house and the senate to do the same thing. so it is our responsibility to lead. >> when senator reid brought this bill out, he said of all the bills i've seen, it is the best. to me, it is the best of the worst bills that i could ever see. and this is just more of the same. >> in the bigger picture, some hispanic lawmakers say the white house is behind a push in congress to prohibit illegal immigrants from buying insurance in an exchange. the house bill that passed earlier would prevent illegal immigrants from getting subsidies to buy insurance but they would be allowed to use their own money to buy plans from an insurance exchange. the senate bill goes even further and cuts off the option to allow illegal immigrants to buy a plan from an exchange. congressional hispanic caucus member says "a forensic study would show it
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barack obama. now there is someone from the 2008 presidential campaign who is getting massive ratings, selling tons of books and causing a major stir in hollywood. the celebrity is not president obama. it's former republican vice presidential candidate sarah palin. >> she is on every program whether it's cable news or whether you turn on network news or the entertainment shows. whether you turn on the late night shows. it's all about sarah palin this week. >> who is a celebrity now? >> sarah palin. >> "showbiz tonight" learned that palin a's appearance on oprah, the first big interview about her all gave oprah the highest ratings in two years. her star power had the queen of all media looking in her rear view mirror? >> should i be worried? i heard that you are going to get your own talk show. >> if oprah is worried, maybe hollywood should be too. sarah palin might be coming to take over. "showbiz tonight" can tell you her white hot celebrity is splitting hollywood between those like donald trump who said she's got the right stuff. >> i watched her and i think she is doing a good job.
this year the house passed their health care bill over the weekend. bill: the obama administration is bracing for another nail biter. mike emanuel is with us from the white house. there is no other way to describe it. where are we this morning? >> president obama is back from asia and his aides say that if he can be constructive in the process, he will do so. senator reid is pretty confident that he has the votes tomorrow. >> it saves a life, money, and medicare. you have heard how it will into each of these things, by guaranteeing affordable care, cutting the deficit, and in rebuilding the economy. >> tomorrow you can count on a lot of debate and then a preliminary vote to open up the debate. bill: so we are going to debate this for eight hours on saturday. right now, no republicans are supporting this? what are they saying right now? >> it is the thanksgiving season, so lamar alexander has called this one a turkey. >> your employer may write you a letter and say congratulations, you are in the government program. we are not offering insurance now. >> he predicts this will be bad
, to the political revolt under way, over treasury secretary time geithner, the man hand-picked by president obama. congressional colleagues are calling for his resignation. and bianna golodryga has more on that. >> reporter: it was anything but your typical capitol hill hearing. the secretary spent the day defending. he could not hide his frustrations at ak vagss that became rather personal. and that's when things got heated. >> i don't think you should be fired. i thought you never should have been hired. >> for the sake of our jobs, will you step down from your post? >> reporter: the treasury secretary took issue with the notion that the obama administration is to blame for the economic crisis. >> you gave this president an economy falling off the cliff. values of american savings, cut almost in half. i can't take responsibility is, is for the legacy of crisis you -- >> this is your budget. this is your bailout. this is your stimulus. this is your act. >> i take full responsibility for those, with gave -- >> my constituents, they're not just anxious. they are mad. they are fighting mad about wh
uranium for processing, as laid out in that un plan. president obama says there will be serious new punitive measures in the coming weeks if iran does not agree, but there was no mention of sanctions after today's meeting. all this coming after more anti- western rhetoric from iran's president, saying better ties with the west would be possible of western nations changed their "aggressive and arrogant manner" and respected the rights of iran. martha: violence breaking out mumbai, india. surveillance cameras capturing suspected hindu hardliners ransacking offices. they used in rods and sticks and beat employees. you can see people running away for safety. they smashed the furniture in these offices. it is not really clear yet why these particular officers were attacked, but according to local reports, the attackers supposedly said that they were looking for the editor-in-chief of the channel. they wanted to "teach him a lesson." indian police say 70 bob been arrested so far, and they are out there looking for more of them. -- 70 people have been arrested so far. trace: now, to the co
took fiscal year 2010, mr. obama's fiscal year where we are going to spend 3.552 billion, just call it 3.5 trillion, i'm sorry, 3,552,000,000,000 -- 3.5 trillion, and using the same ratio of my whiz kids in the back came up with 13,145,253 jobs. so, if we continue at that rate that means the federal government, which employs about 3 million people directly can spend 30 million on medicare, medicaid, every social program, everything we can save 13 million jobs without current spending and if we double the spending we could nearly wiped out the 15 million unemployed. so, is dr. irons and dr. armey, is it logical to simply spend 3.5 trillion more dollars every year in order to get unemployment down, or is in fact the keynesian concept simply unsustainable the government jobs are like feeding somebody the fish for a day, spend the 3.5 trillion, keep people on the government pay over, hanging above blue rooms waiting for something to do and then not eliminating any efficiencies and at the end of the year the 3.5 trillion spent and you have to spend the next year if you to keep the people
obama proposing these programs that will bankrupt the country and destroy our healthcare system, i can't stay up there in alaska and watch this happening in the lower 48 states. and i can't leave alaska to go into the lower 48 and still do my duty as governor, and that's why i'm resigning. greta: but she didn't do it. but what can she do now? how? >> you have a huge grass-roots momentum against the kinds of policies that obama is recommending, and there is no leader. and what she can do is become the leader. she can be the person who on the ground is leading the attack against his health care program, against cap and trade, against amnesty for illegals. she can be the point person on that, because there's nobody else in the party who's prepared to do that. romney can't. he proposed the same darn thing in massachusetts. but sarah palin can. >> what does it -- it seems to me -- and maybe you disagree with this -- but that she has people absolutely love her and people who actually hate her. is that a plus as a candidate? and historically, have any other sort of possible presidential candi
sides of the aisle. the obama agenda, there's a lot of other evidence it could be on the ropes. let's bring in john harwood. we were struck by the story in the "washington post" where they outlined what happened yesterday with geithner, but also that barney frank had to come out and tell everybody that financial reform wasn't going to happen soon. how much is obama's economic agenda truly on the ropes here? >> well, look, obama's facing significant challenges right now because he's going to have to wait for results in a lot of areas. in particular, on his economic policy. his team believes that they have done with the stimulus package this year, something that along with what the fed's doing is in fact pulling the economy into recovery, but with unemployment being a lagging indicator, you're not going to be able to point to a falling employment indicator. it's not about tim geithner. the management he's exercised at treasury has been vindicated, but when you have members feel the heat, democrats running for re-election and republicans wanting to take shots, they're going the take sh
't think that's true. i think they would ask president obama, what do you read? people ask me that question all the time. >> i don't know. president obama wrote an autobiography when he was a state legislator. he listed out the things he's read and his mentors and his influences from academia. i think they wouldn't ask him that because it's very clear he's a cultured -- >> it's a legitimate question. >> bill clinton used to love to read mystery novels and talked about -- >> and sex novels, too. he was a reader. >> they were written by lynne cheney. >> you know, she said that the campaign aide, this is another interesting thing, nicolle wallace, she said that she made her do the interview with katie couric because katie couric has low self-esteem. did you read that? >> yeah. >> like a pity interview. >> like a pity interview. >> katie couric, didn't she do her colonoscopy on television? don't you think you need high self-esteem for that? >> i feel bad for the mailmen that month. what do they do with the envelopes you're supposed to send in? >> what are you talking about? >> the stool samples
world famous as the fiery former preacher to barack obama before he became president. he spoke with and mccarthy on the campus of the university. >> extremists on the right and left serve a purpose. i think that people such as the speaker of the house that are deciding not to go are missing an opportunity to make their own statement as to who we are as a statement. >> rev. wright is expected to speak -- rev. wright expected to speak tonight. >> now, your 11 insta-weather + forecast and with tom tussler buyer. >> we're watching the weather system to our south. we will see if it plays out that way. we will be during some other. we will see of that system will clear out clear things out. today was 62 in the inner harbor. another day with normal -- and warmer than normal temperatures. -- another day with warmer than normal to birchers. we are 12 degrees warmer than the average for this time of year. it looks like that we will end up being a little chillier. a brief clearing pattern is behind that. there are storms about to pop up. it looks like temperatures will settle back into th
bailout. >> this is -- >> the gentleman's time has expired. >> the obama administration defending the secretary. in a statement, the white house says geithner has helped steer the economy back from the brink and is leading the effort on financial reform. but you heard him say, what i can't take responsibility for is the legacy of crisis you have bequeathed this country. >> i don't know who he meant. >> i'm not sure, either. there's the countdown clock right in front of him. does that mean his time was up or he's a big zero? >> no. the guy's time was up. >> but what is the journal trying to say by putting geithner in with the -- >> oh, that's a subliminal message. and we just saw it. representative maloney kept saying over and over again, your time is up. i don't want to mess with texas and i never would, but i mean, some of those guys want to succeed down there, don't they? >> they've raised that issue. >> there are some not mainstream ideas down there. do they want to go with mexico? which way do they head? >> you're not talking like a new york fancy -- >> no, i'm not. i'm a hick
analogy with mccain and obama on halloween. we're at the 40 yard line, close to the goal line, right? a field goal isn't good enough. we need real comprehensive health care. and that's why we are starting the game now. i believe once we get to allow that debate to start, which is saturday night at 8:00 p.m., the vote is forecast, i see no reason why someone is suddenly going to decide not to at least allow the debate to continue on saturday night. then we start moving down the field to that goal line. and in the end, rachel, if a player gets injured on the field, they will have health care. so i am very positive about moving forward. i think everyone in the senate is going to want to see some changes to the bill. i don't think that should surprise you. we represent different states. i for one am happy that there has been significant cost reform in this bill, working toward making health care more affordable for the people of this country. it offers stability, despite some of the things you were saying at the beginning. think about this. finally people in america, if your kid gets sic
. if the obama administration's goal is to control health care costs and unnecessary health care spending and individuals, families and women who face these choices may want zero percent of anything going wrong and may want to have or, you know, screenings in their 40s as they have been doing, but it is an issue for the administration that wants to look at, are they getting the most out of health care spending to look at different guidelines and different recommendations. so, this is something that the obama administration has to sort of reconcile. the fact that they immediately ran the other way when they charged these folks to come up with this panel discussion. they're going to be boards on these health care bills that examine, you know, the health care spending and whether this is the best approach ultimately towards cutting costs. >> a lot of ambivaliance already because in the various provisions that would create institutions to do what is known as comparative effectiveness research, generally the approach has been to really limit the extent to which that research can be used to dri
into political grandstanding against president obama. still, reporters won't be able to ask palin or her supporters questions. >>> a big hike in tuition is not going over well in california. police arrested dozens of students at the university of california and davis after they occupied an administration building. hundreds more marched at ucla. now the increase will cost students about $2,000 more in the next two years. they pass add 32% increase even after deep cuts to spending. the students want to help. >> you pass this increase today, when i go home tonight to san diego, i will have to drop all my classes because i cannot afford this anymore. you are not making this university affordable. >> the regents have promised more aid to help lower income students. they will meet with concerned students today to talk about the increases. >>> a former nba star appears to be heading to prison. larry smith has the details this morning. good morning. >> yeah, good morning. it's been almost eight years of the fatal shooting of the limousine driver. big trial back then. now the former new jersey ne
elevated chicagos profile in a failed olympic bid. after backing barack obama for president, she got emotional in grant park over the election. >> this happened because we do this. >> her net worth is estimated at $2.7 billion. more than two decades after its premiere, her show attracts over 7 million viewers each day. important point here, a statement from the production company hands her career is far from over and that she may start up new talk-show on her own network which is set to debut in 2011. we will know more today after today's taping. you can watch it right here on abc 7 right here at 4:00. >> thank you. >>> the time now is 5:33. police are trying to find out who attacked a woman along a bike pelt at sligo creek trail in takoma maryland. this happened at 5:00 yesterday on a path that runs below the carol avenue bridge. a woman in her 20's was jogging when she was attacked. she was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover. police >>> have charged one man and are looking for another in the murder of a popular liquor store owner. andres lopez was arrested yesterday. po
that president obama lost in last year's election. we're talking about mary landrieu of louisiana and blanche lincoln of arkansas. and she's in a tight re-election. earlier today ben nelson of nebraska ended the suspense and said he'd vote yes tomorrow but wouldn't promise to back health care reform in the end. these democrats don't like the public option, where the federal government would set up a system and sell health insurance. and brian, today the capitol hill phone system went out of whack because of too many phone calls. officials suspect the surge was because of this health care bill. brian? >> kelly o'donnell, who'll be working saturday night to cover all of it for us. kelly, thanks. >>> we have an update now on illinois senator roland burris, the democrat appointed by the disgraced ex-governor rod blagojevich to fill president obama's old senate seat. burris was admonished today by the senate ethics committee for being "less than candid with investigators." committee said burris provided information that was incorrect, inconsistent, misleading, or incomplete to state legislators lo
and will lead to massive cuts in medicare. >>> they are ready if president obama wants more troops to afghanistan. they cannot supply troops quickly if they are needed. the president is expected to make an announcement after thanksgiving. plans to withdraw troops from iraq are still on schedule. >>> robert gates says a review will look into how military identifies service members who might beat a threat to others. togo west and vernon clark wl head this review. >> metro's of directors is ordering all employees to cooperate with the oversight body. executives should notify the board befor denying a request from the oversight group. the reports said metro executives had barred independent monitors from observing safety procedures. surely after, two metro workers were fatally injured on separate injuries in those tracks. >>> a computer glitch caused cancellations for flights across the country. a circuit board in salt lake city malfunctioned. they have to enter flight plans and by hand. this is the second time this happened in 15 months. >>> oprah winfrey is calling it quits, at least
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